Christmas Replanted

and a Co-ho-ho to you, too!

The Christmas Tree Replanting project was a success. A joint venture with the Bureau of Land Management. The intent of the service project is to create potential spawning beds for Coho Salmon. What would normally take several trips and days to accomplish was made swift and effective with the many hands of the volunteer veterans present. A huge cache of trees was in the corner of the BLM motor-pool yard. Fortunately, Rusty and Sonny brought with them several pairs of (heavy load rated) ratchet straps. Not only did the straps secure the trees, it pressed them down; allowing for more trees. Once the trees were all toghether the branches interlocked like velcro. Not a single branch was lost along the way to Elk Creek.

The biggest delay to our arrival was a logging truck whose driver had the hardest time reversing. Once there, getting the trees into the creek was no easy task. It required wading into the river and wrestling the trees into position in logjams previously placed. Somehow we had just the right amount of trees to supplement all the logjam stations. The trees were all mostly fresh with all their needles, which is perfect for the juvenile Coho. The best part of the project for those involved was that they got to see the results of their work immediately. Thus making the service itself, its own reward.

Written by Seth Ewing

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