“I just wanted to tell y’all how I’m feeling and dealing with life after my trip with Source One Serenity, after a week of fly fishing for a week. It gave me the serenity away from everything with the brotherhood of veterans surrounding me, to where my stress and anxiety have diminished to nothing almost, and it feels awesome. This trip was like something I’ve been waiting for my whole life to keep me calm and retrain my brain and it also gave me a sense of peace in my mind that I can deal with. Some days can be a struggle still, but to have the support from my brothers to be able call them or hangout is a blessing. What I’m really trying to say is thank you, thank you for helping me fight the fight and I’m pulling myself out of this slump I’ve been in. God bless brothers.”   US Army Veteran

“Fly-tying class is very educational and relaxing as well as fun, too.” Raymond J., U.S. Army Infantry

“Great program. Really enjoy the challenge and relaxing process. As a novice I have to say, fly-tying ROCKS!” Layne R., U.S. Army Infantry

“Fly-tying class is very relaxing. It brings my anxiety down. It’s a lot of fun and informative.” Pat M. U.S. Army

“I enjoy creating something that is functional.” Roger R.

“Very therapeutic. I learn patience and virtue.” Joshua B.

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