Whom We Serve

Source One Serenity serves veterans. We honor them: They are the backbone of the country. They are a part of American history and they shape our communities.

13 % of the population in Douglas County, Oregon are veterans. Close proximity to the Roseburg VA Healthcare System was already warmly received and will play a significant role in their ecosystem of referred services for veterans. To give an order of magnitude, the local VA offers primary care and hospital services to more than 62,000 veterans who reside in Central and Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Those veterans who survived in the war, don’t always survive after they return home. Suicide is killing our veterans at a rate of 20 per day. 11-20 % of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD. It goes without saying that our veterans who suffer from PTSD are all seeking to move forward with their lives and fit into society as ordinary citizens. The journey for each veteran is unique and often lonely. Our objective, through our programs, is to foster an affirmative environment to help expand their sense of community. The positive aspects of being in nature combined with the mindfulness and meditative trance associated with fly fishing isn’t to create a temporary respite away from society per se. In fact, this activity, done together with other combat veterans suffering PTSD, each of whom are going through their own journey back to normalcy, will enhance our community–not by forcing issues out in the open that each Veteran perhaps has bottled-up inside or tucked away for no one else to see–but, by fostering an environment of healing by welcoming veterans into a community that is passionate about fly fishing and conservation.

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