Wish List

In order to Charlie Mike (continue mission) we need “beans and bullets”. Perhaps, you can help us with:
  • breathable waders sizes: 1 x M, 1 x L, 1 x XL  (it’s getting too cold for shorts)
  • wading boots to fit waders. 3 pairs of boots were donated by Roseburg Lions Club. THANK YOU! We still need more.
  • wading jackets: 1 x M, 1 x L, 1 x XL (it’s hard to work or fly fish holding an umbrella…)
  • computer or laptop (not easy counting sticks!). It has been already donated by Rene Baumgartner, THANK YOU!
  • marketing merchandise (you can make stickers or print? sweet!). We received banner! THANK YOU, Sunny Binder!
  • cargo management, i.e. roof rack, waterproof boxes, etc. (we’re tired of “humpin’ it)
  • hand tools for conservation work (let’s face it, e-tools REALLY don’t work any more)
  • dry bags (we get funny looks carrying everything in plastic garbage bags)
  • fly rods and reels, 6 or 7wt (willow branches are cool if you’re into Tenkara, we’re not THAT good!!) 2 rods were donated by Roseburg Lions Club. THANK YOU!

If you can donate anything from this wish list, get in touch with us: phone 541 580 5655 or 541 537 0447, email: elenalininger@gmail.com.


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