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Excited to offer a new whitewater rafting event for our veterans and family members! Reserve your spot today 🙂
Rally Point at Pete’s Drive-In in Roseburg at 1730 on 27JUL18. Exfil to Gold Hill, OR. $25 (adult) $10 (youth age 14 and up). Whitewater Raft, PFDs/life jackets, helmets, fly fishing gear, and meals provided. Camping for two nights at the Gold Hill Whitewater Center. We will fly fish in the morning, and after that we will venture out to the Rogue River for some whitewater rafting. This incredible Oregon SOS Adventure is going to be Top Shelf. To reserve your spot, go to this link and use PayPal to “donate” the appropriate monies to secure your spots ($25 per adult and $10 per youth 14 years and up). Point of contact is Paul C. Eckel. For questions, please get in touch with him.

Dear veterans! We are accepting applications for our next fly fishing schools in 2018 and 2019 (dates will be posted later). Our requirements: service-related disability (10 percent and more), or if you are in the process of applying for VA rating. Please tell us your short story, send it to, or give us a call at 541-580-5655, or 541-537-0447.

Dear spouses and caregivers: If you believe your spouse, or care recipient can benefit from a fly fishing school, you can get in touch with us on his/her behalf.

If you want to know how our first fly fishing school was READ HERE.

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  1. After just one weekend of fly-fishing in downpour, barbecuing juicy cutlets over a glowing bed of hot embers, being surrounded by one of the most magical forests of the N. Umpqua River; I can say with total conviction that I have regained a good bit of my mental peace and tranquility. Not only was the trip a spiritual journey, moreover I discovered a new family…


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