• We proudly serve our Veterans. Our newest testimonials:

“Fly-tying class is very educational and relaxing as well as fun, too.”                                                                                                                              Raymond J., U.S. Army Infantry

“Great program. Really enjoy the challenge and relaxing process. As a novice I have to say, fly-tying ROCKS!”                                                        Layne R., U.S. Army Infantry

“Fly-tying class is very relaxing. It brings my anxiety down. It’s a lot of fun and informative.”                                                                                             Pat M. U.S. Army

“I enjoy creating something that is functional.”                                               Roger R.        “Very therapeutic. I learn patience and virtue.”                                             Joshua B.



  • Check out our newsletter for July!
  • We had so beautiful day of fly-fishing for our Vets on July 1 under the Washington and Oak Ave. bridges in Roseburg.

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  • Thanks to Mercy Foundation we had Memorial Day Weekend fly-fishing camp on the North Umpqua River. Read our post
  • Umpqua Jazz & Fly-fishing Experience on  June 4 under Washington and Oak Avenue Bridges in Roseburg. Read our Press Release
  • Newton Creek

We resumed work at the “duck pond” by working on a trail. For more details, get in touch with us!



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  1. After just one weekend of fly-fishing in downpour, barbecuing juicy cutlets over a glowing bed of hot embers, being surrounded by one of the most magical forests of the N. Umpqua River; I can say with total conviction that I have regained a good bit of my mental peace and tranquility. Not only was the trip a spiritual journey, moreover I discovered a new family…


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